Our Volunteers

CASA Volunteers are ordinary citizens who make a commitment to serve on behalf of our community's most vulnerable children. CASA Volunteers build relationships with children and learn about their unique circumstances in order to make an informed and objective recommendation to Juvenile Court regarding the child's best interests. ? CASA Volunteers complete specialized training in child abuse and neglect, child development, family dynamics, substance abuse, mental health and domestic violence to guide them in their work as Court Appointed Special Advocates. No specific background or education is required, the CASA program provides all of the necessary training to effectively do this work. Bring your unique perspective to the CASA team!


Lea Alley, Cabot

Robby Bevis, Scott

Stephanie Bevis, Scott

Kalen Brown, Brinkley

Rachel Cagle, 

Beth Carter, DeWitt

Natalie Cope, Cabot

Dawn Coyle

Dena Daniel, Augusta

Pat Dickinson, England

Yvonne Doney, Austin

Trudy Drye, Cabot

Terri Erickson, Cabot

Jon Ford, Augusta

Babe Free, Stuttgart

Bill Free, Stuttgart

Carl Frein, Brinkley

Kathy Frein, Brinkley

LeAnn Garren, Carlisle

Rodney Govens, Cabot

Bill Gregory, Augusta

Terry Gregory, Augusta

Carrie Grizzle, Brinkley

Amanda Hanna, Augusta

Nancy Henry, Brinkley

Steve Henry, Brinkley

Sharon Hicks,

Angela Hook,

Shelby Horton, Carlisle

Diane Hughes, England

Nicole Ingle, Lonoke

Lauren Johnson, Ward

Sarah Johnson, Cabot

Tina Johnson, Austin

Amber Kagebein, Stuttgart

Kelsi Konecny, Stuttgart 

Martha Krug, Cabot

Nicole Kubin, Cabot

Tracy LaFever, Cabot

Penny Maguire, Augusta

Miekka Maile, Cabot

Elaine Maynard, Augusta

Ryan McHaney, Ward

Andrea McKennon, Stuttgart

Jerry Morton, Keo

Peggy Morton, Keo

Rhonda Nguyen, Cabot

Lauren Parish, Lonoke

Rachel Pelissier

Sonja Perkins

Tulip Pertus

Melissa Peters

Lisa Pierce, Stuttgart

Kristie Robinson, Cabot

Terri Sanson, Austin

Rebecca Scissors, Cabot

Jamie Sewell, Scott

Steven Sewell, Scott

Kim Smith, Cabot

Andrea Strube

Holly Thompson, Austin

Shelley Tounzen, Cabot

Jan Turner, Lonoke

Brent Waggoner, Cabot

Tammy Waggoner, Cabot

Meghan Warford, Benton

Debbie Woods, Cabot